Hi, I'm Erin Balsa. I build and execute content marketing strategies for sales-led B2B SaaS startups that sell complex, enterprise-ready solutions.

So how did I end up running Haus of Bold from the comfort of my dining room table?

Well for starters, I told my husband he could use our office on day one of COVID lockdowns … and he never left.

(But that’s a story for another day.)

Here’s the TL;DR version

In 2018, after 3.5 years managing writers at the largest content marketing agency in the U.S., I joined The Predictive Index (PI), a Boston-based B2B SaaS startup that sold talent assessment software to executives and CHROs. At first I was a content team of one. They hired me to build a content engine, and I was excited to do that. But the real reason I took the job?

Because PI was getting ready to design and launch a new discipline (with the goal of creating a market category) — and I would play a key role.

In the months that followed, I got real friendly with the senior team and the whiteboard as we transformed their vision into a 50-page guide, a maturity model, and a market map. Soon after, we partnered with Category Design Advisors to create a strategic narrative that tied our discipline, our brand, and our product together. *chef’s kiss*

At first, my team and I wove the strategic narrative into our content (like most content marketers do). But eventually, I developed a content strategy framework that built our strategic narrative into the planning phase, which was a game changer.

Before long, we increased organic demo requests by 102% in one year.

Between 2018-2021, I grew the content team to eight people, and we and built an inbound engine that created MILLIONS in revenue. (One research report alone drove $680k in revenue.)

Along the way, I realized my passion was building things: disciplines, content teams, standard operating procedures, and content strategies. So I built a business around it!

When I’m not working with my (awesome) clients, you can find me doling out advanced content marketing advice on LinkedIn, in my newsletter, Leading Thoughts, and on my podcast, The Notorious Thought Leader.

“Erin is a wonderful partner to break down the near and long-term investments your business needs to improve discovery. She has an amazing ability to think strategically, along with help execute some tactics.”
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Kate Sama, Founder at Pepperlane

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