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"Erin connects the dots. She takes action. She builds repeatable processes. There's no other B2B content marketer I'd rather work with."
Robyn Hazelton testimonial
Robyn Hazelton, VP Marketing at Intellum

You have a unique point of view, brilliant subject matter experts, and awesome-sauce tech. It should be easy to publish quality content for your B2B SaaS, but …

Your last “B2B freelance writer” had the business acumen of a frying pan.

You tried a few other freelancers but ended up rewriting everything yourself.

Your old agency talked a big game, but apparently “B2B content doesn’t have to be boring” was a figure of speech.
You don’t have time to fill out long-form content briefs. (You need a content partner that makes your life easier, not harder.)
Your team tries to help … but without a strategic content plan, they do random acts of marketing.
And don’t even get you started on that content specialist with the blank stare!

If this sounds familiar, you need

Haus of Bold™

It all starts with an idea. Your idea.

More specifically, your company’s strategic narrative. You know, the one you spent forever and a fortune on.

I’m here to help you squeeze more juice out of your strategic narrative by making it a part of your content strategy. Breathe easy, my friend — your days of asking product marketing to “add the strategic narrative” to new blog posts and e-books are over. From here on out, you’re publishing high-impact, high-quality content and original insights. 

(I can feel your shoulders relaxing already.)

You’re all right in my book.  😉

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